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Looking For Split Air Conditioner – Things To Know Before Purchasing


Air Conditioner is the most widely used appliance which is mainly used in summers. Air conditioner appliance will not only give you cool air but it will also accelerate your electricity bills. SO if you are planning to buy an air conditioner then here you need to know the facts before purchasing any air conditioner as this is one of the costly appliances which you buy once and continue running this appliance at least for 10 years.


Before purchasing the air conditioner, you need to calculate the size of the room and the number of the people present in the room. Installing an AC in your room is not any easy task. You need to check not only the size of the room but also the number of things present in the room, electrical appliances and the number of windows there in the room. As all these factors will indirectly affect the cool air to spread in the room hence you need to choose the high tones of the AC if you have the large size room and more stuff present in the room.



Before purchasing any air conditioner calculate its efficiency rate as every air conditioner has the high cooling capacity but it will indirectly increase your electricity bill. So before purchasing any air conditioner check its star as every conditioner has its own capacity which is denoted as BTU/hr. BTU denotes the heat coming in the room hence higher amount of heat removed, the efficiency of the conditioner will automatically increase. So always try to choose the air conditioner which has higher efficiency as it consume less power thereby deliver less electricity bill as compared with the air conditioner which has lower efficiency rate.

Other factors

Before purchasing any air conditioner, check whether the conditioner has safe or not, as blockage in AC conditioner will not deliver you the right amount of cool air. Check whether the moisture present in the room is drained out or not.  Not only this check the power supply and the installation process of air conditioner.


Price/Warranty/After Sales service

When you go to purchase the air conditioner, check the warranty of the air conditioner as many brands offering 3 years and 5 years warranty on the product. Always try to purchase the air conditioner which provides best after sales service as many brands offer amazing after sales service. Apart from this, check the prices of the air conditioner as price is the important factor.

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