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Fitness devices Which Expected to come in December or January


Nowadays, Fitness tracker, the most prominent device or a gadget which you can use to track the daily activities and diet plan that you have taken. You can also gift this device to your loved ones whether the person can be your friend or the family member as these devices are very good for your health as well as comes at an affordable price. Talking about the benefits, the fitness tracker has many benefits which you can use it for your daily chores. If you are looking for the fitness tracker then here you can check various fitness tracker which is about to release in the market soon for the sale.

Naked Scanner

Naked Scanner is the 3D fitness tracker which appears like a mirror. This naked scanner scans your body and shows the measurement of your body. This is the best device which does not provide the information regarding your weight but you can also see your hard work performance to make your body fit. This fitness tracker gives you the body measurement, your weight and the body fat percentage. Using this scanner, you can see your image in 3D rendering and it will also highlight the changes you have incurred after your hard work. The TSA scanner of the naked scanner can see your body even if you have wear clothes. All the mentioned details are just the expectation and facts as this device is expected to come in the first quarter of 2017 with the price of $500 in the international market.


Thin Ice

Thin ice is the fitness device which is not yet released in the market and is expected to come in December 2016 with the price range of $99 to $300. The price is not yet fixed and to know the fixed price you have to wait for the device to release in the market. This is the smart clothing which you can wear under your dress. Thin ice is expected to come with amazing design and powerful specifications.This device is very useful which you can wear inside your costume to lose your weight and burn the calories you have in your body. Officials who made this device say that the thin ice has the ability to burn up to 1,000 calories of your body each day just for 4 hours. This device comes with heavy weight which has the ability to burn your bad fat present in your body.



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